Update: The month of August

In august, the harvesting continued intensly: After the fruits, now, the vegetables have taken their place: We’re literally overloaded by cucumbers, beans and potatoes, so we actually don’t eat much other stuff lately. In the garden, we have a little sorrow child, our kales aren’t as beautiful as we would like them to be regarding an illness earlier this year. Our tomatoes as well don’t go as well as we wanted them to go, not just because of the late planting, but also due to the hot weather and the constellations of time and weather this year. Sophie as well stated that this year might not be a good year for tomatoes in general.

Other than in the garden, we’re full speed into the preperations for Shipka Fest, our annual big event which will be happening in the beginning of september this year. At the moment, we slowly begin to declutter the house and clean up the garden so the volunteers who will come soon will be comfortable and have space.

On Shipka Fest, we plan to do a little presentation of what we do as a project in Shipka, so parallel to this, we are trying hard to prepare some posters and talk about what to say in the presentation.

On the 3. weekend of this month, in Shipka, there were severall big events: First of all, a bike riding competition for kids (therefor, we trimmed the “dschungle” in front of the house), a dance in the evening and a big concert on sunday evening with a stunning firework in the end. It was marvelous, since it really encouraged the floating life in Shipka, bringing some movement in the center. There even were some selling trucks with ice cream, games for children and little donuts and pancakes. The donuts (which I was eating) are called “Бостънски Понички”, Bostunski Ponitschki”. We were also meeting the other volunteers there, which was a real pleasant expiereience.

In the end of the month, some of us went ill- So short before Shipka fest. Luckily, some volunteers and artists from Bulgaria arrived in the last week of August and helped out- Of course under a lot of precautience so they won’t fall ill too.

Since about two weeks, autumn or fall arrived with mighty storms and colder nights than in summer. Going to the forest, you can see some lonely leaves turning red or golden in some places. On the trails, little ponds of water are created by the rain in the evening and night and being removed again by the sun throughout the day. The nature begins to die slowly.

Nevertheless, there still is a lot of sun and warmth especially in midday.

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