OPEN MIND is an Non-government organization created in 1998.

Its main goal today is to be an agent of change, helping humanity transform from a materialistic value system to one of love, appreciation, laughter and enjoyment of life. We want to have time to smell the flowers!

The transformation is above all personal.
Yet we share our experiences in the hope what we have achieved will inspire others.


It takes an OPEN MIND to see ourselves as we truly are. To accept we also have a shadow in us and to start integrating this shadow.

It takes an OPEN MIND to truly do what we preach. Preaching is an anachronism.
It is the time to act upon what we want to preach about.
We feel no one is listening to us? Are we able to listen ourselves?
We feel the people pollute the planet each day. Do we still have habits that pollute? Do we still drive a diesel car? Do we still use flush toilet? hmm. Time to start asking this questions and time to clean house!
On this web site you will learn what we have been up to through the years.
Our experience about permaculture is stored at
Some glimpses of the cosmic, musical experiment under the name Artmospheric can be found here.
Information about our debut documentary film and the importance of natural birth can be found here.
And information on experiment in Building a community can be found here