Here you will find the links to OPEN MIND ongoing projects:

Community Building Volunteer Program in Shipka, Bulgaria – EVS project under the Erasmus+ framework of the EU Commission

Artmospheric – Artmospheric comes out from a symbiosis between Art and Atmosphere. The initial main objective is to bring contemporary arts closer to the natural environment in order to raise public awareness of actual issues in that field, such as global warming or mass consumption.

Stories of Birth Documentary Short Movie – the first Bulgarian documentary on birth has been produced by OPEN MIND in 2014 (22′).

Permaculture Demonstration Centre in Shipka.

– “The Permaculture home garden” book by Linda Woodrow – OPEN MIND has translated and published in Bulgaria Linda Woodrow’s book on how to apply permaculture in your homegarden. With a sense of humor Linda takes the readers through the permaculture techniques of how to grow fruits and vegetables without chemicals.