Update: The month of May

May was Tami’s month, her birthday and most important, her farewell. She was a key piece of the team and left Shipka leaving an empty space in our hearts. Although, we welcomed Frieda, who helped us to smooth the mourning. Such was our admiration for Tami, that we plan to create “Gradina na Tami” or “Tami’s garden” in a small area of the Town. Hopefully, the project will be happening soon in the future.

In the permaculture area,

May opened the fruit season offering us tons of cherries.
The garden gives us more and requires more attention.
We built a hot compost, that will nourish our plants soon.
We planted potatoes, many. Tomates, cucumbers…good weather is here.

In the cultural area,

Reparations for the events coming in the following weeks, start to happen, a lot of reparations, paintings are needed in Chitaliste.

In the museum, the celebration of the Happy national holiday of education, culture and slavonic literature happened in Shipka with an event and its corresponding preparations. We received the creator Jimmy de O ‘ Pismenech, who presented a replica of the Gutenberg press. We could also enjoy the voices of the Shipka Choir.

In the school, kids had exams, and now they will start a more relaxed period of enjoying and playing.

We also visited the beautiful Rodhope Mountains in our Easter holidays time.


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