Update: The month of May

Byala Reka (White River)

Preparing to come back to normality, after the big restrictions about “the thing”, we decided to do some outdoor activities in the beginning of the month. This place recharged us with good energies and fortify our connections inside the community.

In this amazing place you can see and feel the importance of the water in the Nature. All the diversity of plants, amphibians, mammals, birds, fungus, insects and much more, it’s something that doesn’t have price and should be always protected, above everything.

Factfulness quiz

Lea prepared a presentation for us about Factfulness, which is a name of a book written by Hans Rosling who defends that the most people’s knowledge about the state of the world is wrong. In that presentation we answered some questions (you can try by yourself here) and it helped us to notice how wrong we are about our conception of the world.



We got a second hand piano for our house from a city near Shipka and it’s giving an opportunity to everyone (volunteers, coordinator, daughter of the coordinator and other kids) to improve their skills with this instrument (with the help of Lea) while it spreads a pleasant sound all over the house.

Botev Peak

We didn’t get tired of the surroundings of the Byala Reka, so together we passed there again, but this time hiking in the direction of the Botev Peak (highest peak of the Balkan Mountains), passing also by the impressive Raisko Praskalo waterfall.


Soap making

In the Museum of Shipka, Rada show us how to do handmade soaps. If you want to buy some soaps, click here for more information.


Card Weaving

Also, in the lawn of the Museum, Rada teach us how to do the Card Weaving. Using some playing cards (or an alternative material) and some thread, we can create beautiful belts, bracelets or other artistic applications that can come to your mind.

If you want to do it, check in the internet for tutorials, there are plenty of them there and it’s easier than you can think.


Volunteer’s end of project

May was time to say goodbye/au revoir/ahoj to our dear members Michael and Ophélie, (whose project was finished in the end of May) who gave all their love to Open Mind, making a lot of dreams come true during their stay of 12 months, making the world a better place to live and helping to create a real Paradise in our project.

Here comes some of the good moments where they were part:


You can also check their volunteer experience video about our project here: Ophélie and Michael.


Tortoise Centre

Knowing that people keep in their garden some wild tortoises (which, some of them, are endangered) some of our volunteers decided to travel to Nesebar (near the Black Sea), to visit the Tortoise Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre, in Banya (near Nesebar) and to enjoy the beautiful city of Nesebar. In the centre they recover tortoises and/or reintroduce them in the wild when they are ready for that.

In Bulgaria if you find a hurt tortoise or a tortoise that you think that it’s in the wrong place, give a look to what you should do to it, here (Bulgarian and English).



Zero Waste book written by us, about our lifestyle is out, take a look here!


These times are good for the works in the garden.
Putting seeds on pots, moving them from the greenhouse to the garden beds, cutting the weeds, bringing plants to new garden beds created this year, mulching, plants propagation and harvesting were part of our daily life in this month.

Tomato plants, cucumber, lettuce, coriander, sunflower, basil, pumpkin, etc. are some of the seasonal vegetables which are thriving in the garden right now, for a good harvest in the next months.

Also, the fruit trees are starting to give to us, insects, hedgehogs, birds and other living beings, a very delicious snack. Cherry trees are the first in that matter.

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