The Zero-Waste Book is there!

After months of gathering expierence, trying out new recipes and putting all the information together in one single document, it is finally done:

The Open Mind Zero Waste Book!

Feel free to download it here, read it and try out the recipes!

One of the biggest topics of our project is to live a sustainable life. In this manner it is unevtiable to think about the waste we produce and its impact on our planet.  So we try a different lifestyle: The Zero Waste Lifestyle, where you intend to reduce your waste to the bare minimum.

We tried out a lot of new ways to do things of the daily life like baking bread or natural washing products in a more sustainable life (you can read more about this topic here). The result of this work you can now read summed up in the Zero Waste Book.

The best thing about the Zero Waste Book is, that it is a community work. It will never be finished. So when you have some recipe that is not mentioned yet, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will it add it to the book!

Let’s spread the Zero Waste Lifestyle as much as we can!

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