Update: The month of August

August, with the long nights and the locust’s songs, was running very fast!

Quick information about our main activities :

Dragon dreaming
We started with our first workshop of Dragon Dreaming this summer. Dragon dreaming is a way to collaborate all together and have the same objectives for Open Mind.
We started with a presentation of everybody. Who we are and what we’ve done before to come in Bulgaria. The point was to know us better. Then we talked about the different steps of the Dragon Dreaming : Dreaming, Planning, Doing and Celebrating. Nice moment spent with the team with a lot of sincerity and kindness.In October, we will do our second workshop.

Watering system
During the summer, two of them woke up around 5am to water the garden. In Chipka, the water from the river is linked with the houses. We digged some paths in our garden to connect the watering system with the main points of our garden. There is of course the vegetable garden but also all the trees in the garden to water.

Waste Management
To not buy new sponges at home, Ophelie created Tawashi Sponges with old clothes. The best way to create is to use old socks. We know that you are like us and you lose every time your second sock. So now, don’t put it in the bin, and reuse to do Tawashi sponges. You can find more information here :

Open Mind participated to this beautiful festival in the mountains of Rhodopes. Tatyana and Rada animated a workshop for Children and explained to them how to loom.
Michael helped for the tea bar in the festival.
The festival is in an amazing place near a lack, very natural and authentic. We really enjoyed !

The garden
August is also the month where we had a looot of harvest to take : tomatoes, cabages, plums, fruits, herbs !! We also improve the design of the garden because before you called our garden the jungle!

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