Update: the month of July

The sun is strong here in Shipka since 2 months now, we are all full of Vitamin D and the month of July has been filled of activity.

Wake up Festival

For the beginning of the month, we spend one week at the Wake Up Festival. This festival takes place in the Rhodopes Mountains near Plovdiv. Michael and Ophelie help Ivan, a Friend of our coordinator Tatyana at the tea bar. They help during one week to build the bar and to offer Tea Masala. Some of us, also organised some discussions groups. Axel did a talk about his Coming Out and how to affirm his homosexuality. Tatyana did a talk about the Natural Birth. It was a really nice experience to be there and a lot of great meetings because this festival hosts a lot of volunteers mainly from the Green Association.
During the day it was possible to do some yoga, to try Slack Line, to discuss and at night some shows were organized… We all came back to Shipka with a lot of energy thanks to the kind people we met but also very tired..

Waste Management

The personal project of Ophelie is about Waste Management. 

To understand how it works in Bulgaria, Tatyana organised for all of us a visit of the Waste Site in Kazanlak. It was a first step to understand and to think about an action plans to improve the waste management in Shipka, our village.

Since the end of June we reduce waste in the house and we created our own products.

We create the dishwashing product (we economized around 4 plastic bottles since the beginning of July) and have now our common washing machine product homemade. We keep in mind to be Zero Waste so we refuse (plastic bags for example) and reuse (at home we have a lot of glass jars 🙂


Hot compost

We built a hot compost in our garden. This compost rise in temperature very quickly thanks to micro organism. In few days, it should be reached between 44 and 77 degrees. The tea or juice created will be used as a fertilizer for non organic gardens for example. The heat can also be used for outside shower for example.


Permaculture basics

Eileen organized for us a basic course about Permaculture. During a morning, we exchanged about what is permaculture. 

Eileen taught us the ethics and the principles. Now we should practice and find a principle to test in our garden.


Arrival Training

The EVS project has 2 sessions of training, one for the arrival training and one for the mid-term. Part of the team was in Sofia for one week. We met new volunteers all around Bulgaria. During one week, we learned about our responsibilities as a volunteer, we defined our goals and personal project, and know more about the Erasmus + project. We spend a lot of time with the other volunteers, it was so nice to meet them.

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