Update: The Month of December

Catching up from our last Update, there was some more preparation in the house occuring: We had to clean the pipes and the chimney for the fireplace to work properly. We also arranged a cupboard in vintage style, where Martin found his style of working in. For the beginning, it has to be sanded with sandpaper, then painted with thinned acryl colour. After drying, we sanded it again to create this used look that is significant for the vintage style.


Since we moved all together in one house from last month, we would like to share some impressions of our living together with you. We organise ourselves with a cooking and cleaning schedule in order to keep the common living space tidy and clean.
The visit of Saint Nicolas and the birthday of Tanya and Boudica as well as the cookie baking created a harmonious living together. Recently, we even have a new flatmate, Karamel. The French Bulldog puppy was rescued by Petya and is staying in our place while waiting to move to his new home.


Also the chirpanlieva house needs some maintainance even though it’s not working during the winter months. In order to keep the outdoor space clean, we cleaned the leaves.


As Christmas is upcoming, Adel and Denitza had some activities with the kids of the School in Shipka on the afternoon. After collecting pinecones in the forest, they created some christmas decoration that is decorating the school now. The kids in the Chitalishte created together with Petya as well some Christmas cards for the fundraising for Magdalena (see November Update).


In order to educate ourselves in the topic of Permaculture even if there is not much work to do in the garden right now, we decided to give presentations about several subtopics. So far, Paulina started with the topic “Permaculture Principles” and Lena went on with “Zones and Sectors”.

Moreover we went to Sofia for the mid-term training, which took place between the 11th and 14th December. We reflected on our EVS journey, shared experiences and met a lot of interesting people!


After this short but quite eventful month, Martin, Paulina and Lena are going to spend the Christmas break with their families in their homecountries. As Lena decided to start an internship in Sofia, she will not come back to Shipka and our team will contain one person less in the new year.
We want to thank all our readers for the support in the past year and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Author: Paulina Schick

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