Update: The month of November

Here we go with our news from the month of November.

In the sight of the coming winter we had a lot of winter preparation to do.

First of all concerning our own accommodation, we had to prepare several things in the house in order to finally move all together. Like this, we also finished the place to stay for all other volunteers coming in the future and taking part in our EVS project. Also in the chitalishte we had some preparation to do like getting the fireplaces and the wood ready.

Furthermore, we started a campaign to raise funds to repair the roof of the Chitalishte. The chitalishte is the home the library and of a valuable art gallery with its drawings and statues as well as the place for youth and cultural events in Shipka. Here you can find our articles and if you are interested in helping, click here for more information.

As part of the house preparation, we got taught by one lady from Shipka how to wash big woolen blankets. Therefore, we created our own giant washing machine, which was a really interesting experience.


We also had one completely different experience this month. As the 26th November was the International Day for the Elimination of violence against women, our host organisation OPEN MIND joined efforts with Rodilnitza to in an event aimed to To improve the maternity care in Bulgaria. We supported the event through helping with getting ready the printed materials an getting the info stand ready in front of the Ministry of Health in Sofia


Furthermore, we joined in the organisation of a charity concert for Magdalena, a women from Kazanlak, who needs lung transplantation. We helped with the design of thank you cards for the donors and the decoration of the event.

Author: Paulina Schick


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