Update: Month of August

The month of August start with a new companion, a dog that we found in the streets of chipka. We decided to call him “Nathan” in memory of our old friend.. We give him food and water, it follows us everywhere in Shipka.


For this month of August we continue to work on the roof. We finished changing the bad planks to new one before leaving for a few days to greece.

With Frida we decided to go to Smotracky island. We had a long journey ahead of us, but it was worth it. We took the train from Kazanlak to Svilengrad then we crossed the border by foot and we walked to the village of Orménio. 

After that we took the train from Ormenio to Alexandroupolis, and then the ferry to Samothraki island. We spent a lot of time on foot and by train but it was the fastest way .

One of the most beautiful places I visited in my life, a natural place with waterfalls, beaches and mountain. I was also happy to see how the Greek people are so welcoming.
We hitchhiked from Kamariotissa to the free camping “Natural living” where we slept 3 days.

When we came back to chipka we started to clean around the museum, moving the bad planks to the chitalist, removing the broken tiles etc..
After that we started with the painting of the wood structure in the front of the museum.
At the same time, we were lucky to be helped by two experts. One guy from Chipka Nasko and Marian, the husband of Daphina. They added the covering roof, then installed the tiles, and the gutters.

The roof was ready just before the Chipka Fest. The next job was to prepare the area for the festival but not only.
The condition of the roof of the chitalist was starting to be in very bad shape.
So we went to Enina to collect materials, boards and beams to be ready to repair the roof.

To finish this month of August we have the pleasure to welcome in the house a new volunteer, Lilian Beth coming from England. She will stay 6 months in Shipka.
Welcome to Bulgaria Lilian Beth.


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