Update: The month of January

Hey ! Here are the new volunteers, Nathan and Guillaume from France, Frida from Spain. A new house has been renovated for us, and we are alone inside. This month was the beginning of our life in Bulgaria, discovering Chipka, the school, the langage, and getting used to the cold. We used our time to cook, make bread ,cakes and play with the children.

We had nice afternoons with the kids, it was the first step for us to communicate with the children. Learning bulgarian is really useful for this. We are slowly learning but I’m sure we will be able to understand soon. We can already speak basic words. We had the opportunity to discover that kids are better than us with the cold and in the snow, great snow wars were made!


Wonder if there is a kid in this box ?



First we built the most important thing in a house… A shoe holder thanks to the bamboo and wooden planks. We have discovered that thinking a lot can take time, making a wood square is more efficient.



Eating is definitely our favorite part, lucky for us, at the moment none dishes are missed and we have prepared good things using vegetables. We also prepare our lunch for the school. It looks like it, cute isn’t it ? Don’t worry, it was the second time eating only pastas, great chiefs in the house!


We had some walks in the forest and mountains near Chipka, we could discover the beautiful environment around. It was also the opportunity to take Ronnie for a walk, we had her for two weeks. She is now gone but Cyntia the cat is still here! We keep her here even with her little surprises on the floor and inaccessible places (smells bad and has a brown color).


Some art was made in the house, as Guillaume and Nathan create music, and Frida plays music and draws. We also had a jam session with Vasil and his friend at our home.

Now we know great things will happen when we hear “opportunity” from Vasil and “we leave after 5 minuts”. We went to a jam session in Plovdiv, discovered the typical traditional Bulgarian folklore music. We also saw Oranitza in concert, it was incredible ! The most surprising thing about Bugarian music is the great lyrics and voices, also the rhythm like 7/8 , 9/8, 11/8 (kopanitza) more unusual in eastern Europe !

We had a “big” pizza in Kazanlak, and I mean, it was really BIG.

We sometimes had low morals because of leaving our homes, so we have been enjoying taking nice pictures to have good memories. Here are some picks !

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