Update: The month of June

June in Shipka is hot. Also, the trees are loaded with fruits and there is a lot to eat out of our garden: In the beginning of this month, there were a lot of cherry trees to harvest, loads and loads of sweet, red fruits; Not just in our garden, but also in the streets. Even though it’s private propertry, I guess everybody is reaching out for above when walking through the lonely shadow in the bright midsun.

June is furthermore the last time to plant some lovely plants such as Basil, tomatoes or potatoes. We planted a lot of potatoes, so when there is time to harest them in a few weeks or months, we will certainly have enough to feed us and possible visitors ;).

In Chitalisthe, we prepared a big exhebition concerning the anniversary of it. We painted a lot of walls, sweeped and tidied up where we could. In one week, we decorated the community centre ready and at saturday morning, it was ready to be shown. There were a lot of inspiring talks and fun music. In the end, we didn’t just decorated it for the event, but improved the overall quality sustainable


Budy and the other volunteers of Shipka went to the “Wake up festival”.

We adopted a little puppy, a kitten and 10 chickens (6 of them are still alive – 3 out of them died because of natural reasons, 1 was killed by the puppy). The puppy is integrating great, even though he sometimes is a little bit wild with our other pets, especially with the kitten we found two days later. In the end, we had to bring it to the house of a friend of ours where he especially likes to climb on the scale.

In June, the roses are ready to get harvested, which mean two things: First of all, we needed to stand up at 5 o’clock in the morning to collect the fragile flowers, dry them and use them as everything what you can think of: Rose tea, Rose salt, Rose sent or just dried rose flowers to decorate things.

Second of all: In Kazanlak, there is the annual Rose Festival, where there are a lot of dances and a big parade on sunday. We had some visitors coming in that time to experience the festival.

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