Update – The month of April

Nature has woken up: spring flowers have come and gone, trees have blossomed and the garden is a jungle once again. April was a month of smelling flowers and enjoying nature.


The arrival of spring meant it was time for garden work! We have spent many days outside preparing the beds and sowing our favourite vegetables and herbs.

Some days were spent on maintenance of the museum garden, as well as on the public compost spaces in the village. The best part: a free ride on the trailer!


While Jonathan was making long hours in the bakery, his friend Karo, a German teacher at the Gymnasium in Sofia, joined some of our daily activities while she stayed with us for one week. We introduced her to some zero-waste habits of our lifestyle and planted potatoes and lettuce in the garden.

Mid-April we waved goodbye to Jonathan and Karo ☹, as they drove off in her beloved red van…

Lazarus Day

The weekend before Easter the girls of the village gathered for the traditional holiday of Lazarus Day. Maya, Boudi and Tanya joined the walk around the village to sing door to door in exchange for eggs (and sweets!).  Here you can see the beautiful traditional dress, as they were singing in our garden.

Golden Apple

The three of us continued our weekly activities with the kids of the Golden Apple. As the days were getting warmer and warmer, we have been able to spend even more time playing and learning with them outside.

Enjoy your day and enjoy nature.

“Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”



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