Update: The month of March

Baba Marta and the battle between Winter and Spring

In the month of March, we got introduced to Baba Marta and the old spring tradition. An old lady, ruling through the whole month, bringing spring. We helped her give “martenichka” to the children in local kindergarten as she was telling her story to them: “As soon as you see a stork on the sky, take of your martenichka and put it on a blossoming tree.” By giving martenichka to somebody, you wish the person health and wealth. And you wish again with it when you’re putting it on a blossoming tree. This time good crop and health.

We were getting to know who Baba Marta is not only on the first of March, which is her feast day, but during the whole month. Her mood was very changeable. Snow and winter were replaced by sun and spring then back to snow and winter… We stopped counting how many times. But at the end of this crazy month it seems that the spring finaly won and is here. Storks have come and there is no martenichka on my wrist.

2nd weekend For Nature

Around 25 people came during the last weekend to Shipka, to learn about nature, to act for nature, to experience nature. The sun was shining and the temperature was pleasant while they were sitting in the garden, surrounded by blossoming trees and singing birds, listening to Hristo Ashlaminatora. Hristo is a master in grafting and gardening in general. He shared with the participants his knowledge and passion, first in theory, than by guiding during practice. You can clearly see it in our garden. Many colorful insulating tapes enclose grafted branches, many trees look like they were shaven. But we don’t worry about them and look forward to see them grow!

Sunday was about planting. We continued the work from the November weekend to transform an agricultural land into a permaculture forest garden. Many trees were planted and the trees from November checked. Good news – most of them are doing good!

Gardening & Planting

Not only us volunteers, but also children in the school used the springy days for caring for nature. More beds in the garden are prepared for planting, rows of carrot, radish and onion slowly growing. Tomatoes, basil and peppers for now inside. The kids planted together some apple and pear trees.

Jonatan is back!

Jonatan, our dear german baker friend joined us in Shipka in the half of March with a clear (well, not so clear) plan – start a bakery! His first experiments were enjoyed just by us, but by the end of the month also some other residents of Shipka started to appreciate his baking skills. We payed him back by being a great company in cold lonely nights in the bakery, the residents will soon pay him with money.

Say it to all your friends and family – Shipka has a bakery! Rye, eincorn or white but always delicious. Come to café “pekarnichka” to sign up for a fresh bread heaven. It will still last for at least a few days (the future is uncertain).


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