Update: The month of September

The month of September was the month of change. Not only the change of season, but also the change of volunteers.

Michael and Ophélie left after their visit of Shipka Paradise to Croatia and Pedro ended his volunteer year.

Volunteer’s end of project

Let’s see, what have former volunteers to say about Pedro:

Pedro Rosa spent one year in Shipka. We can say that he is one of the creators of the Shipka Paradise.

He shared his love especially for the garden. One of the most important things for him is the biodiversity. He worked for that every day.

He arrived in Shipka with strong values for the community life. He helped to apply it in our community and we are grateful for that.

What else?

– if Pedro Rosa cooks for you it will take a long time but it will be delicious, for sure!

– his favorite song is “Caravan of Love” of the HouseMartins (we hope!)

– he likes to make jokes with the pronunciation of English words

– he said he really liked “Boza” (a Bulgarian drink fermented with wheat), but we never believed him…

For all of that, we love him and he will stay in our hearts forever!

Volunteers’ start of project

At the beginning of September, new volunteers came to experience their ESC in Shipka Paradise. Let us introduce ourselves:

Maya from Czechia

Здравей! I’m 22 and just this summer I finished my bachelor in International Development Studies in Olomouc. I’m taking a gap year in Shipka (seems perfect for the corona times!) before I continue studying. I’m a scout, play piano, love to sing and want to learn to play the guitar this year (guess what, we found an old guitar in chitalishte storeroom!). I’m interested in community building as I have lived in different communities all my life and just love it.


Petr from Czechia

My name is Petr and I come from the true heart of Europe, the Czech Republic. I’m gonna turn 26 soon however keeping curiosity of youth in my soul is lifelong goal. Natural sciences with a special focus on entomology (insect), international politics and adventurous travelling are my main domains.


Shipka Fest 2020

The first half of September was focused on the Shipka Fest 2020. We prepared the space around museum before the festival, we were offering drinks and food in cafe during the festival and we cleaned up the space after the festival.

Pedro and Michael cooked amazing soups, so no visitors suffer from hunger. Thanks to shifts in cafe, the new volunteers learned their first bulgarian vocabulary – basic numbers, drinks or for example how to say corn. Good start, don’t you think?

We enjoyed great music, learn more about traditional Bulgarian crafts and even tried Bulgarian dances!

You can read more about the festival in this article also on our webpage: http://omind.org/2020/09/26/shipka-fest-2020-2/

Garden shed’s roof

Just as the last people from the festival left, other people came. Volunteers from the Green Association helped us to rebuild the roof of our garden shed under the lead of Ivan. The old roof was about 70 years old and still wasn’t very easy to take down. Let’s hope, that our new roof will last even longer!

The young people from Spain, Italy, France, Macedonia and Bulgaria brought a lot of energy and laughter. Thanks again for their help!



Harvesting and processing fruits and vegetables became another big activity of this month. We did a jam from goji berries and another one from aronia, an amazing apple crumble, a fig pie, a pear puree. We dried figs, goji berries and wine and most of all, we cook every day from amazing veggies from the garden.

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