Update: The month of August

August, time for big harvests and starting to prepare for the next seasons.


Dani and Lea left

In the beginning of the month our dear volunteers Dani and Lea left the project. A lot of amazing moments were shared with them in the Shipka Paradise. The tortillas, the happiness, the good mood, the readiness to help in everything from Dani and the infinite energy to do new things and share knowledge to the others from Lea will never be forgotten by us. Here comes photos of  some of the last good moments with them.


Cob structure

At the Museum in Shipka, there is an installation for rose oil/water production made in a traditional way that needed to be repaired. The idea we had was to remove the old plaster and cover it again with cob (clay, water and straw) with some layers, like it was done in the old times to construct houses. The result is amazing, a strong and sustainable structure.


Drying fruits

At our house, in order to achieve some resilience and to save the excess of fruit for the future, we collected fruits (figs, plums, apples and elderberries) from the garden, we dried them in the greenhouse and we stored them in jars.


Collecting seeds

It’s nice to collect seeds from your plants. Those seeds have the info to survive to your garden specific conditions. At least seeds from 7 of the varieties of tomatoes we have in the garden and from coriander are already saved for the next year.


New volunteer arrived

New member of our family came. She is Tamara, a Dutch girl, and she will stay until May of 2021.

We do our best in the way that the integrating process is very fast and that the new volunteers really enjoy the life in the Shipka Paradise.


Ex-volunteers coming

Michael came in the end of the month to enjoy the life in Shipka, to meet again the people and help for the Shipka Fest, that this year happened in beginning of September. It’s always good to meet again ex-volunteers.

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