Update: The month of June

Golden Apple School

The month of June started with very pleasant news. Just in time for the Day of the Child the Golden Apple School in Kazanlak opened its doors again after months of lockdown. Therefore we started to spend more time in the school playing games with the children or teaching them handcrafts or Music. 

The Day of the Child

The children in Shipka celebrated the Day of the Child with some games at the ethnographic museum and a theater play in the evening.


Of course there is always some maintenance to do at the Chitalishte and the museum. We started to create a little garden next to the hopefully soon opening café of the museum to then be able to upgrade our drinks with fresh herbs.

Menstruational Pads

Normally the menstruation of women is also connected with a lot of waste for pads or any other kind of support. But nowadays there are also more and more alternatives upcoming like the menstruation cup. One other possibility are washable pads. We were glad to find out that a woman in Sofia makes those by herself and sells them (contact: Green Moon Pads). We met in her workshop, where she also does some other very nice ceramic products (fb page here).

Kombucha (fermented tea)

In our house, we started a kombucha (and ended up to be successful and very tasty), which is a fermented drink and it is believed to work as probiotic, helping you to be healthier.
For more information, check our post about kombucha here.

Rose picking

Shipka is located in the rose valley. Therefore we really wanted to participate at least once in the picking which delayed a little bit this year. So one Saturday we woke up at 4.30am, put on gloves and walked through the rows between the rose bushes. It was a really nice but also exhausting experience and we have all the respect for the people who do it for days or even weeks.

Rada’s birthday

In the month of June one of our facilitators had birthday. Of course we celebrated this occasion in a appropriate way with a small party in the garden of the museum. Happy birthday, Rada! We are very happy about the fact that you are a part of our team : ).

St. Johann Day

On St. Johann the women of Shipka woke up very early to cut herbs as it is the most powerful day of the year. The herbs were tied to a big wreath and people of all ages could step through it to receive health and luck for the next year.


And sometimes we just enjoyed life!

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