Update: The month of February

First part of February we experienced finally real winter. Lot of snow with cold wind and freeze were coming. So we were enjoying the winter activities – making a snowman, sledding, etc. But this period was only one week. Other part of February looked like Spring.


Our garden is slowly waking up of the winter season and we saw first flowers. We put (maybe a little bit late) in the garden some food feeders for birds and also we did some spring cleaning. We already started to put some seeds to our veggie beds (the peas, the spinach, etc.)

This time was perfect for some prunning and cutting (trees, berries, rose, etc.) and then we used the biomass for mulch around trees and also on the some place where the soil was without coverage. We did not forget to do some propagation of the blackcurrants because is quite easy .

Finally we finished also a project from this summer and now we are using a chair made with Wisteria branches. We made it thanks a weaving process.

Zero waste management

We went to Stara Zagora for a movie projection about Zero Waste management. We watched a very interesting environmental documentary named Trashed and then we talked with the organizers (Za Zemiata and Greenpeace) and the other visitors.

We believe that the education of children and youth is the right way for a goodf future. Thanks to the kids we can impact the parents. Ophélie did presentantion at the primary school in Shipka about Zero waste principles.

We still are improving our zero waste livestyle in our house. To not use plastic bottle of a Shampoo, we are trying to wash our hair with the soda baking and the vinager. Also we were making our own toothpaste (coconut oil, soda baking, turmeric, esencial oil) and we are using now a detergent from the ash for our clothes. We still continue to make our bread, cheese, detergents for dishes and floor, etc. We will share every recipes and our tips how you can live with zero waste principles soon.

Community life

This month we celebrated the birthday of Pedro – we enjoyed good food not really healthy food but sometimes is important to put sweet in our life :-).

We are trying still make small things in our house to feel good all together. So we created a document of Volunteery policy and a document with agreements of lifestyle in our house which could be helpfull for new volunteers. For collecting the memories of our volunteers and visitors we made the Open book – we think it is nice to keep some stories, opinion, funny facts etc. of everyone who was in the project to remember each one.

We finished the workshop of the traditional knitting of socks – we visited a very kind grandmother who explained everything and thanks to her we can survive next winter with warm socks!

In the middle of February new volunteers arrived – Dani from Spain and Lea from Germany. Lea will be focus on the activities with kids at school because she already taught english in Ecuador and she is also very good musician so she will do music classes. Dani will be focus on the gardening, the waste management and also to improve our Eco trail. During the first days we did presentation for them about Shipka village, Museum, Chitalishte and our community life style.

Activities in The Golden apple alternative school

Every visit at the Golden apple alternative school is for us very pleasant and we can feel nice and strong energy from kids which us charging of good vibes.

We continue each week with French Lesson. Last time, we were playing improvisation theater in French. Kids expressed their emotions and learnt french words.

For another week we prepared French Hunt treasure. Kids were searching clues which were hiding in the school and in the garden. The clues were about what they learnt in French. The last step of the game was a Compost challenge – kids had to paint the compost which we built and then they had to answer some questions about how the compost is working. The treasure was ingredients to made a brownie.

The Bingo game can be a funny game for children too (not just for adults) so we were playing the French Bingo with number and colors in french. Because we want to support the cooperation not the competiton the winner got a vegan chocolate’s spread which we used for big brunch for everyone.

Also we want to keep some handmade activities for kids so we made Dreamer catcher only with nature materials 🙂

Museum and Community center

During the winter, the museum is closed but we started to prepare for new season . We were cleaning the place around the Museum and also we were planting some new flowers on the garden of the Museum.

In Chitalishte thanks Denitza and Rada we learned how to do “Martenitzi” in order to distribute them to people on the “Baba Marta” Day (the 1st March), which means to bring luck and health.

The 14th Febuary was the Day of St. Trifon Zarezan, which is related to the celebration of wine in Bulgaria. For this day, we helped to organise a competition for homemade wine in the Chitalishte and Ophélie and Dani were include in the jury of tasters.


We participated to an interesting event in Sofia which presented a new platform the Living Utopia . The goal of this platform is a digital reflection of the informal network of organizations, communities, individuals and families striving for an environmentally friendly lifestyle. After this event we joined the Green association and together we came to Momin prochod where is the home of this friendly crew. The idea was to exchange our experience and inspirate each other about our Zero waste lifestyle and also talk about opportunities to cooperation in the future.

And because the time is running fast we were starting with the preparation of the Shipka fest which will happen on 15.-18. of May. Soon we will let to know more information!

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