Update: the month of November

Winter is coming with the first snow in Shipka !

Until now, we were lucky to enjoy warm days in Shipka. Then, when we saw the first snow we cannot really hide our excitement (even if it’s only some snowflakes)!



This month, we welcomed volunteers from SAP, a software company.

They stayed with us 2 days, to help with the ceiling of the Library in the Chitaliste, to reorganize the archive and also to paint walls to put an information sign near the Thracian tombs. Such a good time with them!



We welcomed also Shipka builders to help us to rebuild the roof of the Chitaliste. 

The Chitaliste is an important place in Shipka, to welcome people during our workshops, projections of movies and also some public events (dance, theatre, public presentation of books, exhibitions…), that why it’s important to take care of it. Huge thanks to everybody who helped during theses days!

To know more about this project, we invite you to read this article from our coordinator Tatyana Kossekova.


Schools Workshop

Since 2 months, we go every weeks to the alternative school, Golden Apple, in Kazanlak to involve children in the Waste Management.

It’s so nice to spend time with children. So what did we do ?

We crafted glass bottles and now the kids can reuse it everyday. We picked up the garbage around the school. It was hard work but the energy of the children is so good that we did a very good job in less than one hour. 

To nourishing their hands for the winter, we create together cream with organic coconut oil and olive oil. They are ready for the Winter.

And of course we never forget to play in the leaves of autumn in the park 😉


Creating soap

For the first time, we created our own soap, if you want to buy some for a special occasion (as Christmas) it’s possible thanks to this website (we take orders only from Bulgaria).


Everyday’s life

Shipka Paradise is also a lot of fun shared between european volunteers, our coordinator Tatyana, Budika (the daughter of Tatyana) and nice persons met during nice trips.



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