Update: The Month of April

April started with arrival of new volunteers, who extended our team. First came Eileen, girl from Germany, who is interested mostly in permaculture and design. Two days later came French boy Axel. We showed them everything important in Shipka and Kazanlak and explored our surroundings.
Also new local colleague joined our team – Rada from Buzovgrad, who started care about the museum, café and preparation of the Shipka fest.

Eileen jumped directly into the maintenance work in the house and we were cleaning mould in some part of the kitchen and painting this remaining part of the room.

Another her job was work on new design of some parts of our garden and prepared design for the café next to the museum.


She also joined neighbouring permaculture project Balkep, about which some of us didn’t have idea, that it is just here. She started going there once a week to help on their gardens and learn more about permaculture and on the end of month she participated on a course of Design and building forest garden. Together we visited those gardens during the Opening day. We saw nice permaculture examples and could compare it with our garden.
Finally we also met volunteers from this project, who are living in Shipka and can make our foreign community more diverse and interesting.


We were continuing with preparing our garden for the season. One afternoon we went to next village Jasenovo to bring some lavender straw for a mulch and compost. We loaded one little truck and it was little bit hard and dusty work, but with nice view to Shipka and mountains.


On the garden we were preparing beds for vegetables – weeding, making new beds with water channels and planting potatoes and some carrots. And we cleaned water channels to be ready for irrigation of the garden.


We could also see result of our grafting experiment. Most of the grafted branches died, but the Martin’s one looks quite good.

Author: Martin Votava
Photo: Martin Votava

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