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On the 22nd of October the community center in Shipka was the host of 17 people from the management team of SAP Bulgaria who came to Shipka as part of their volunteering team initiative. It was a pleasure to host and work with them. The managers and designers transformed into to carpenters, restorers, painters, museum workers and librarians.

In order to make the SAP day possible the community center team and the OPEN MIND team and volunteers, who are in Shipka doing their European Voluntary Service under the Erasmus + programme of the European Union did lots of preparation to have everything prepared for such a big group to come and be effective.

Thank you very much for your support, SAP Team! Some impressions of yesterday’s activities are following…

The wall

As a preparation for the  info center to be, the wall had to be painted in order to install info panels there (in our September update you can find more info about it).

Very important job before the winter – fixing the roof of the museum’s outbuilding.


Another painting project was the wooden trellis. Once painted, the surface will be protected from rain and weather.


Breaks are also needed!


The maybe biggest achievement of the day: The renovation of the ancient machine for removing husks from the seed. See yourself!


Very helpful were also the activities inside of the museum. New inventory numbers were assigned for our exhibits. Thank you girls!


To be better organised in the Chitalishte, some strong men were needed to transport a big wardrobe. See the spectacular action here:


Some activities were going on in the Community center as well. Helpful hands built a new rack to store our paintings, others helped to reorganise our book’s catalogue of the library. Another group worked to add books to our catalogue and managed to add 146 books in 3 hours. Another group used their brains to help the Community Center transform the educational treasure hunt game “Discover wealth” into a paid product to help finance the activity of the Community center.


We had a lot of fun with you and it will be a pleasure to host you again, SAP Team!

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