Month of July


Finally, we welcome the summer, of course with the company of some friends in the Koprinka Dam!


During this period of the year, we had a lot of work to do.

 First of all, we have built a watering system with pipes coming from the river to one of the biggest field of trees. It was a very difficult process;  the road that the pipe must cross, was not in the best conditions and also it was necessary to bear in mind that in the winter, if the system is not good done, the pipes can brake, so its necessary to protect and to be able to stop the flow when it’s needed. Nathan studied the flow of the water, finding the solution to place the pipes. 

The compost had evolutionated correctly, and the next step, was to change the process, adding more airflow, with the help of pipes and perfored cardboards in the bottom. this process is faster, and the watering is very important. Unfortunately, the outside temperature was very warm, so we moved the compost to the shaide, adding more water combined with a humic acid, to help the moisture grow.

Sadly, three of the volunteers finished their timing in the project, so we did a dinner all together to say goodbye to Nathan, Bram and Perry.


Also, we had the chance to enjoy the Wake Up Festival. Frida whent earlier to be a volunteer in the kitchen and Guillaume, Nathan and Bram, came one day to join and have the last day together before their departure. Even if it was sad, they arrive in their houses with a warm welcome and a lot of good memories of their adventure in Bulgaria!

After the finish of the festival, in the museum, we cleaned the inside, protecting mostly the wood items including the stairs, and carefully cleaning the clothes and the old objects of the place.

One of the days we also went to try to fix some watering channels full of mud that had the objective to deliver the water to the hoses of Shipka, but the problem was quite bigger, with the need of specific machinery, so it was not possible to work in. We also had the help of some neighbors and two more volunteers from Sheinovo; Dafina and Roza. With them, we watered the garden of Tanya and they worked in the museum and the cultural center, which all of them require some attention.

And also, a little bit of party never hurts anybody…

In the chitalishte front,, the cultural center, Guillaume and Frida have painted the fence, removing at the same time, a lot of branches. In adiccion, some people don’t understand the panel, and add some non-compostable material in the cold compost that we had to remove.

The cafe building was in very bad condition. We started by cleaning the wood and adding some protection products, but we realized that the problem was really bigger. Almost all the planks were very old, so we started to remove them, creating a totally new roof. In this project, a lot of people are involved, including one ex-volunteer, called Michael from the Chec Republic and his friend.  Thanks to all the collaborations, we will have a magnificent covering, and a nice company (with which we shared sweat, laughter and delicious dinners!).

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