Update: Month of June

At the beginning of June I went to pick up my brother at the Sofia airport with Tanya’s car. Then he came with me to collect the paintings from the museum in Sofia, Vasil and his friends were there to help us. After that we moved the art exposition from the exhibition room in Serdika to the village of Strelcha.

A photo of the opening of the exhibition, on the left the traditional Bulgarian music band Soulfia and on the right Tatyana.

I went for a week with my brother to several places in Bulgaria. On my return I learned that the trees needed a lot of water and a lot of mulching. The week was intense for the volunteers because the days started at 6 o’clock in the morning and it was very hot during the day.
Let’s take a break around a fire with traditional bulgarian music, food and drink.

Then came the festival of roses in Kazanlak, many people came for this event. It was the moment to welcome some friends during the weekend and participate in the event.
Young people from Kazanlak offer to draw a rose in exchange for levas. A chance to help the community.

Many merchants were present and we had the chance to attend several concerts. The main stage was intended for traditional music from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, etc.)

The week after we continued with the watering of the trees, we went to pick up several trailers of lavender and spread them out in the fields and mulch the trees.

Bojidar started building his new wooden house, so it was time for us to help him with the roof construction.

We also worked outside the museum. We moved the machine used to filter the seeds, we created a new path leading to the board and going to the machine.
It was the moment to use the big rocks that we bring from gabrovo.
We used a big quantity of sand, gravel and energy.

Then we decided to spend a few days in Istanbul.
We took the direct bus from Kazanlak. A beautiful city, rich in culture where people are welcoming.

To end the month of June, we had the chance to see the teathre made by the children’s class for the end of the school year. Directed by Kalinka, Vasil and Frida. The children took us back in time in a fun and cheerful atmosphere.

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