Month of May


We have started this month with the introduction of two new volunteers from the Netherlands, called Bram Verghagen and Perry de Visser that will join the project for a two months term and become geography teachers (hopefully). We received them with a fire near the lake in the Koprinka Dam!

Linked to this arrival,Petya Ivanova, a Soil and regeneration expert, did an intensive course of four days for us, teaching us different ways to turn waste into productive resources. In the theory of the ecosystem, we were able to see how to  keep a healthy soil and to regenerate the one that is disturbed mostly by  the conventional system, which fights in some way the earth instead of collaborating with it, transforming it into a fragmented knowledge with a lot of dependence and disturbance. Thanks to that course, we were able to produce hot compost, that is rich in microorganisms and is a good helper to the renerationan and increase and protect  the quality of the soil, integrating natural properties and keeping biodiversity alive. We will have to take care of precisely all these two months, checking the temperature each day, watering and turning it when it’s too hot.

At the same time, the art exposition for the renovation of the cultural center of Shipka, has been moved in Plovdiv and in Sofia, Where Guillaume, Nathan and Frida have collaborated for keeping it working, helping all the other participants in this section, involving some of the artists!










The heat came really strong this month, so we had to make an emergency care for the six hundred trees that we had planted. We watered them, put some lavender mouch and added some EM product, which basically is a concentration of microorganisms that maximizes the natural process of growing, and what we are expecting to create with the compost.

Meanwhile, Zoe, an ex-volunteer and knife maker of Switzerland, has come to visit and work near Sipka with Stefan, a professional knifemaker of Kran, that we had the pleasure to see working, and from whom we have received nice iron gifts. We have also learned a lot from Zoe, including how to make elderflower syrup and juice.

At school we enjoy the company of the kids and thanks to the weather, we are able to do more activities outside and thanks too them and the bulgarian lessons we receive, we are understanding more and more easily!

Despide the work we had, we als had the opportunity to travel and also to make a hiking route with the three of us near the beautiful mountains of Veliko Tarnovo.



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