Update: The month of March

The month of march started with many celebrations.
The 1st of March began with the traditional celebration Martenitsa, it symbolizes the arrival of spring. We received a bracelet that must be taken off at the beginning of spring.

On the 3rd of March, we celebrated the national liberation day in Bulgaria. On this day in 1878, the San Stefano peace treaty was signed, Bulgaria was finally free from the rule of the Ottoman Empire and the country became independent.
We walked to the Chipka monument from the village. A 6km hike with the cold and the snow. At the foot of the chipka monument, many people came to celebrate and also the Prime Minister.

Then came the celebration of the kukeri. The idea is to wear a mask to scare away evil spirits with dances and loud sounds of bells. At school the children had the opportunity to make their own masks.

In the evening we went to Kazanlak to celebrate this event around a big fire. There was traditional Bulgarian music, traditional dance, people turned around the fire and jumped over it.

Here are the last pictures of the snow in Chipka, before spring comes.

We have continued to work on the compost despite the snow. This was also the time to take Ronnie for a walk.

We are in the middle of March, the good weather starts to appear, the sun arrives, the temperatures increase and the snow melts. Two new volunteers joined the adventure, they are Dafina and Iona, two women from the village of Sheynovo.
We have started to work on several plots, the goal is to create space for apple and pear trees. So we started cutting trees, cleaning the area and marking the locations for future trees.

To finish this month of March we had the chance to host the event “First Balkan Synergy Conference”. The official guests were representatives from the neighboring countries of Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Several topics were discussed, spirituality, traditions, education and science, arts and culture, social economy, agriculture and environment, health and sustainable development.

For this occasion, several craftsmen came to exhibit their work and Many people came to visit the museum.

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