Update: The month of February

This month the weather  is starting to surprise us more and more. Each morning we wake up without knowing if it will be a Mordor snow storm or a sunny day… However, it doesn’t prevent us from doing  our big list of activities!

At school, each of us are teaching tasks depending on our different abilities and interests. Nathan is learning different science experiments and music activities, Guillaume is teaching sport games and french lessons as Nathan, and Frida is making art and spanish lessons! All this is possible thanks to the support and help of the teachers. And don’t forget the kids, our more active teachers, who make the lesson more enjoyable! (Sometimes).

We had the opportunity to learn more about gardening thanks to the knowledge of Nick, our teacher in this case. So we started to plant our first vegetables in the garden: Spinach, onions, garlic and carrots! But as we said before, the weather is very strange and our seeds are presently covered by snow… we hope that they survive.

Besides, we have the responsibility to take care of four composts that are distributed in Chipka, where we have to take all the branches and other materials that don’t belong there. At the same time, we cleaned the museum space, and it’s really incredible how many lives we can collect in one day!

Music is following us everywhere we go, even in the school, the term ‘’Jam Session’’ is starting to get more alive and the children are starting to get part of it!

Also the rhythms like 7/8 , 9/8, 11/8 (kopanitza) sound more and more familiar to us. We had the chance to go to a Balkan/latino concert in Sofia that Vasil did with his music group!

The 12th of february, a wine celebration was done, were different families bring their home-made wine and also the traditional ‘’Pravo Horo’’ dance takes place, accompanied by food, rakia, music and very friendly people.


Walking in these beautiful mountains and views of Bulgaria is very impressive and we appreciate it a lot, especially when we can enjoy it with different people!

And we had the pleasure to receive the visit of Clara, the girlfriend of Nathan who has preparate delicious cakes for us and a very sweet company…

We had the big opportunity to meet other volunteers from different projects through the ESC Training’s days . A very international birthday party for Guillaume was made, with different volunteers from all countries, not only typical, traditional, folklore, bulgarian music!





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