Update: The month of December

December in Shipka ended earlier for us volunteers. We all managed to get home for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations despite all corona-related restrictions. Even so, we had one trip, repaired two bad spots on the roof, celebrated three birthdays, did 4 workshops and bunch of English and music lessons in the first half of the month.

1 trip

Any Bulgarian will tell you to visit Veliko Tarnovo when you ask about the must visits in Bulgaria. The former Bulgarian capital did indeed stand to it’s reputation. Though foggy and wet, it charmed us. On the contrary, the fog gave the city mysterious look. You don’t believe me? See for yourself – Cécile did wonderful photos.


2 spots of the Chitalishte’s roof

With winter comes a lot of rain (and sometimes snow) and therefore it was important to secure the worst leaking spots of the Chitalishte’s roof. We chose nice sunny days and managed to completely repair these two places during one day and one afternoon. Though we were very tired in the evenings, the dry ceiling of library will be our reward!


3 celebrations

What to tell you about this? We enjoyed it. We met some new people and planted (again <3) some trees on the birthday celebration of our mentor – Boujidar. The other two birthdays were in our community – our coordinator Tania and her daughter Boudica.


4 workshops

The winter time is perfect for different handiworks. Rada taught us how to do soaps and we also started knitting socks with her (still long way to go in this). We also did traditional “survački” – wooden sticks with branches made into circles and different decorations. The Bulgarian children wish the adults healthy and rich new year by lightly beating them with these survački. Our dear Pedro was in Shipka with us for a few days and joined also this workshop.

Last but not least, me and Tami had a little workshop with Cécile – an introduction to embroidery (I really love it! So what that I look like a mistress from 17th century).

Oh wait! We had one more workshop – doing our own sauerkraut. Well, I won’t change the whole story of this article just because of that.


Bunch of lessons in the school

Music lessons in Golden Apple school is my new hobby. We learned the song Malka moma, heights and lenghts of tones, volumes of melodies. In the last lesson we immersed in “Vltava” (The Moldau) from Bedřich Smetana and listened to christmas songs from different choirs.

In English, the children learned numbers, colors and animals with Tami and Hugo through different games and activities.


Happy New Year our online friends! Let’s see what it brings into Shipka.

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