Update: The month of November

November, an inflection point between warm and cold days. We have enjoyed the last sunny days, collected the last fruits and welcome the first snow.

The highlight events happening this month were the Chitaliste’s roof reparation and the Biodiversity and planting meeting held in Shipka.

Roof reparation

Thanks to the help of some volunteers and builders, a portion of the roof could be repaired, reducing the damage that the building, the library and its books suffer from rain and snow. Still, a big part of this roof will need to be repaired when climate conditions allow it.


Remember the importance of this building for Shipka community, a different range of activities such as public events, exhibitions, workshops, etc are held here. And soon, Chitaliste will celebrate its 160th anniversary.

Biodiversity & Planting

In the middle of November, guests from around Bulgaria came to Shipka to discuss about the future of nature in Bulgaria; biodiversity, afforestation, erosion reduction and  organic farming were the four topics treated in this meeting. In March 2021, a new meeting will take place to review and keep improving.

During the same weekend, same people assisted and helped to the planting of what will be a new permaculture area in a field in the environs of Shipka.

School, on arrival training, and others

In what refers to school, now that all of us, volunteers are here and know the school and kids, decided to organize more detailly the activities and possibilities for the children. Christmas holidays are almost here and afterwards children will have to face the first test of the course.

We also assisted the “On arrival” training, which due to our beloved Covid had to attend online. Not as fun and useful as a physical one, but still useful to get to know other volunteers and informations. We hope we will meet in real life the next few months.

To end his resume of November, mention the probably last trips and walks in a while, until winter and covid give us a truce. (Shipka Pass, Plovediv, Ztara Sagora…)



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