Update: The month of July

In the month of July we enjoyed the results of the work of these months, we started to eat good tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, basil, beetroots, carrots… So, basically working in the Garden in July consisted in harvesting 😉

We were helping Rada in the museum, mainly about finishing the coffe which will be open next August, hopefully. Furthermore, Rada started to organise some activities on Fridays for the kids of Shipka, and we were attending some of them as well.


Our family have grown a bit with the born of seven chicks, but Nature decided to not let them live so now we are fighting to keep at least one of them alive.



We finished the common compost next to our Garden, but in the street so the good people of Shipka can use it easily, and they are using it in deed so we are very happy about that. As this one was very succesful we built another one next to the youth club of Shipka, so people from this area also have the opportunity to create a good compost instead of throughing to the bin their garden leftovers.

In addition, we have everything ready to build another one in a different area.


For maintenance of the Ecotrail, we paint the first sign for protection and we added some more arrows for making it a bit more clear.

Golden Apple School

This month we kept going to play and enjoy with the children of the Golden Apple School, some of our volunteers already said goodbye to them…

28th of July

During this month, our volunteer friends from Kazanlak were organising the Ecofestival and we had the pleasure to assist to some of their activities but also to make our own Workshops.

In the morning we were teaching how to make knitting sponges for using to clean the surfaces of dirty kitchens or even for washing the dishes. As we didn’t have enough needles for all the people that wanted to learn this technique Lea came up with theaching how to knit with the hands.

In the afternoon, we made other workshop about how to make macrame braceletes.

With these workshops we were pretending to empower people to make their own stuff instead of buying it.

Lea’s Birthday

Our beloved volunteer Lea became 20th years old the past 7th of July, and as it is usual, we celebrated with good food and good friends! 🙂

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