Sustainability Journal – Homemade Wipes

We use homemade wipes to clean surfaces and also to clean our face after washing for example.

What do you need

  • old towel
  • tissue (prefer cotton)
  • threads and needle
  1. Cut a square in the towel and the tissue (they should have the same size)
  2. Sew the two squares together. The reverse sides should face outside, as we will turn the tissue arround in the end.
  3. Sew all around and let a hole of 2 or 3 cms, don’t close it until the end.
  4. Reverse the tissue and finish to sew the part where it’s not closed yet. Don’t hesitate to do 2 or 3 times in the same place to be stronger.

Your wipe is ready. As we said, we have some for the kitchen, to clean the surfaces or the worktop but also a personal one that we use to clean the face.

To wash it, you can put it in your washing machine with your homemade washing product, but also you can just soak it in hot water with vinegar.


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