Sustainability Journal – Beewax Wrap

A good way of reusing old cotton clothes is making beewax wraps, those are a really good choice for covering food in some recipient or just wrapping vegetables and fruits that you have already cut.

What do you need?

– Old tissue made with cotton
– Bee wax
– Brush
– Grater
– Oven

Which are the steps to follow?

First step, cut your old cotton clothes in small pieces, don’t hesitate to do different shapes (square, circles, rectangles…), whatever that adapts more to your needs.
Another usable way, is making the same process but with a sleeve of an old shirt, with this you can wrap bread, etc…

Second step, prepare an oven tray with a cut piece of tissue and grate the wax on it, the more you put the easier will be to extend it later.

Third step, put this tray in the oven. Advice, pay attention to the oven as the wax melts very quickly.

Fourth step, remove it from the oven, use the brush for extending the wax on the whole surface of the tissue, without forgetting the corners and edges. Second advice, be as fast as you can because the wax dries very quickly.

You only need to make this step once because the wax will go through from one side to the other one.

Fifth step, let the tissue rest until the wax is completely dried.

Once is it dry you can use it directly.

The last thing to think about is how to wash your beewax wraps after using them. The best way to do it is by hand and with not too warm water, because you can lose some wax in the process. If you decide to wash them in the washing machine, you will have the surprise to discover wax everywhere. Finally, if some wax disappears after washing them, follow again the explanation of the first steps to recover all the quality of the wraps.

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