Sustainability Journal – (No Dandruff) Shampoo

This sounds like a scam advertisement to sell some product, but it’s not, we are just sharing a recipe that worked for one of our volunteers that was all his life fighting against dandruff (the white small things that fall from the hair like snow) and consequent itchiness. For those people with greasy hair and/or dandruff, this product worths a try.

Take in consideration that this is only one way of using this product and one way of reducing the dandruff, you can check other ways people are using this product around the internet but being/eating healthy and reducing the stress should help about that also.

How to use?

– Combine 1 cup apple vinegar with 1 cup of cool water.

– Put it in a sprayer or in a container that can be practical to use every time you need.

– When take a shower, use your normal shampoo and pass the water like you usually do, until there is no shampoo.

– Pour the apple vinegar solution in your hair evenly and massage it for some minutes.

– Don’t pass the water again, just remove the excess of water and dry your hair with the towel only.



– Using this product maximum 2 times a week should be enough for a healthy hair.

-The vinegar used for this shampoo (see image bellow, it’s in a glass bottle and it is organic) is 5% of acetic acid (you can see in the bottle) the higher it is this number, the less you should put from it in the solution.


-> if you feel that your hair is too much greasy or it has too much dandruff, go for 1 and half cup of apple vinegar and half cup of water.

-> if you feel that your hair is not in a bad state, go for go for half cup of apple vinegar and 1 and half cup of water or you can go lower in this ratio (by reducing the apple vinegar and increasing the water).


Why? (Some science)

– The ideal pH for a balanced hair is around 5,5 (slightly acidic), so the vinegar will bring to acidic the higher pH skins.

– The skin of your hair has a lot of living beings, so the minerals, nutrients and live cultures present in the vinegar will give balance to your unbalanced skin.

– The acidic vinegar removes oils and dirt from the skin that helps the dandruff to be created.


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