To be a volunteer – Adel from France

In the last weeks we already had a lot of volunteers sharing their expierence in a video. This time one volunteer decided to rather write a small text about it. His name is Adel, he is 32 years old and from Paris (France). He stayed one year in Shipka from June 2018 to May 2019.

What did you learn in your EVS?

I learn a lot of thing, but mostly about me and how do adapt myself in a different environment.

What did EVS give to you?

This EVS gave me good times and also it gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of good people.

What was your benefit?

My benefits, in terms of discovery: I know little better the Bulgarian’s culture, its history and its people’s behavior; in terms of skills: I improve my English (somehow!), I saw different kind of construction during the renovation of the Chitalishte and how to be involved in different events during the year (Christmas, Martenitza, Trifon Zarezan and Shipka’fest), and how to manage my time day by day mostly during the winter time when the outdoor activities are lower.

What was your detriment?

My detriments are mostly about the organization of the activities; little bit missed: “what to do”, “when”, “with who”…I should, sometimes, be more convincing; when the situation began to be too much frustrated for me.

Best memory

My best memories are to exchange with people, this is for me one of the most important purpose of this volunteering: learning theology with Denitza, working and laughing with Ivan and Boujidar, speaking and playing football with locals, dancing with Tatyana during the Shipka fest, painting with Sevda and many others moments with the others volunteers in Bulgaria… .

Why did you decide to join this project?

I decided to join the project, in this moment of my life, to give a hand and my time, to an association in a way to help it as much as I can; using my skills and my knowledge. At the same time it gives me the chance to discover “another” Europe.

Would you do it again?

Yes of course, I will do it again; this kind of experience in life is good for yourself improvement.

How is your life now? What are you doing?

Now I am searching for a work for this summer and planning myself to begin new studies in September, on a organic farm.

Does the EVS has an impact?

Of course, it has an impact for me; it confirms me about my way of life and my projects, for this next years.

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