Sustainability Journal – Worm Farm

Are you tired of digging in your Garden?

There is one good ally that will be very happy of helping you in this task and it will make it so much better than you with less effort and for free! The worms.

Once we find one big quantity of them, under where we kept the mulch from last year, so we decided to build our own worm farm, and take the advantage of using them as diggers, as food for chicken and as compost makers.

First step was find the right location for it. We decided to put in a small place next to one of ours watertanks (which collects the rain water) for providing some shade, because sun rays can kill one worm in few minutes… And other reason for this location was that is near to the closest door to the kitchen so we can feed them easily with the rests of our meals.

Second step was decide the materials that we wanted to use. After a short thinking (It is always good idea to stop one moment and think what you need for avoiding future difficulties…), we decided to use some old windows because they were long enough for the location and also we had a small one that we put in the front of the worm farm.

Third step was start working. First, we made the structure with the three chosen windows. Second, we dug a bit for fitting the windows on the ground. Third, we put the windows on the place where it fit perfectly with the wall behind. Finally, we put one piece of wood for covering and protecting the frontal window and Ophélie painted a nice worm there for people to know what it is.

The last step was adding the worms. We tried to keep mostly the california red worm because it makes better compost than the common ones. Also, we added the soil where they were living before and some mulch for protection on the top.

Now we are feeding them and hoping that they like this new home for raising their children 😉


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