Sustainability Journal – Bread making

After noticing that we consume a lot of bread and, usually in the markets, it comes full of plastic packages and the quality appears to be bad and flavour is usually from medium to bad, we started to do our own bread at home, it’s not that hard.

You can do bread in a lot of different ways (like we do at home) but this is one of the ways:

– 4 cups of flour *
– ½ liter of water
– 1 package of yeast
– A sprinkle of salt (around 1 tea spoon)
– Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, oats…)
– Oil



– Add the flour to a pot (expect the dough to grow up to 2 – 3 times).
– Add the yeast (check the instructions to know how much you need);
– Add the salt;
– Add the seeds; (optional)
– Add warm water; **
– Mix it up; ***
– Cover it with something that let the air come inside (there are living beings inside) and let it stay, in a warm place, for around 10 hours.


– Share some oil (coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc.) in the pot you will use to cook the bread; ****
– Put the pot with the oil in the oven at around 200ºC until it gets hot;
– Move the dough to this pot and add some seeds to the top, if you want;
– Let the dough stay in the oven with cover, until the interior is cooked (check with the fork, if it has some dough coming with the fork, it’s not cooked yet);
– When it’ cooked inside, you can remove the cover and let the top of the bread become crunchy as you want;
– Remove the bread from that pot and put somewhere else where it can breathe.
– And that’s it, you have your delicious homemade bread!

Happy cookings!

* Different flour can be mixed. We are using different combinations of wheat (white or whole grain), corn, rye and it works very well. Prefer the whole grain flour to the white, it has less sugar and more fibers.

** Around 30ºC is the best temperature for yeast growth and never more than 55/60ºC, but it’s not a big problem if you only add cold water because the dough will stay by itself in a comfortable place for some time.

*** It can be liquid, but not too much, because it will make it difficult to cook. The best is too be consistent enough that you can handle it with your hands, but it can be easier to have the bread a bit liquid, it will save you energy. Try and find your best ratio! 🙂

**** Take in consideration the smoke point of oils (search for it). Some oils can create smoke and create harmful chemicals.


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