Sustainability Journal – Washing product with ashes

Did you already think about the water?

Today we will talk about washing clothes. How is easy to gather your clothes, go to your washing machine and use products you bought in the shop. But then what happens? What did we really put in the water ?

Most of the washing products bought in the shop contain chemical products. Nobody knows exactly the impact of this product on nature and nobody knows really where the water will go.

If you take a look at your consumption of washing products for one year it could be huge and the water is getting polluted more and more…

In our house we created few month ago a grey water system for our washing machine. That’s mean the water goes in ourgarden in a little pond where we planted specific plants as bamboos.
To do so, we shouldn’t use chemical products and as a zero waste house it was OK for everybody.

Today, we will explain to you how we reuse ashes from our fireplace to do the product.

What do you need? 
– Ash
– Water (from the rain it’s better)
– A big pot
– A wooden stick
And patience 🙂

First step: 
You should at first take the ashes from your fireplace and remove the big pieces thanks to a drainer for example. You should have kind of powder.

Second step:
Find a pot and divide it in 3 parts. The first part will be used to put the powder of ashes.
Then fill it with water until the third mark.

Third step:
Mix it thanks to a stick.
You should let this product from 1 week to 10 days. Mix the product time to time.

Fourth step: 
On the final day, take off the water (you will have kind of water colored yellow or grey, even brown depending of the wood you used for your fire). To be sure that the product is ready, touch it with two fingers and it should be sliding between your fingers.

To use it in your washing machine, put one cup of water for non too much dirty clothes. For dirty ones, put 2 cups.

Then you can put the “ashes dough” in your garden but not on the vegetables because it’s abrasive. You can put it near a place where you want to remove weeds for example.

The product you created could make your hands dry so don’t hesitate to use gloves 😉

Try and let us know,
take care of the water 🙂


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