Update: The month of October 2018

We are coming back to you with our News from October 2018.

Catching up from our last Update in September, we continued our work for the Information Center that is currently in the making for the Chirpanlieva House. This month, we mostly focused on the content –  collecting relevant information, choosing pictures and writing and translating texts about the sights in English and in Bulgarian. Paulina also has been creative by making icons for our information tables.

Special for us EVS volunteers was the day we spent with our Mentor Ralitza and her partner Dimo who are running a small organic farm called WASTENOMORE. We were able to participate in the process of juice making from the sugarcane: Picking the sugarcane, squashing the juice, boiling it and filling it in bottles.


In preparation of the voluntary day of SAP on 22nd of october, we were busy with planning the activities, checking through our storage for tools and materials and trying out our painting method for the trelis to give SAP a great experience during their stay. Besides, we put on the first layer of paint on the wall which is supposed to be the location for our info center. The final layer was then made by our helping hands, the SAP team.

Afterwards we were continuing on the activities we started during this day: finishing the trelis painting, filling the wardrobe that is now standing in the Community Center and also give attention to the ivy on the museum’s ground that is still waiting to be cut into firewood and compost mass.


Additionally, there was a lot of online work occuring. Check out our last posts on the Shipka.info website: Support the repair of Shipka’s Community center building and the start of our Impressions of the Art Gallery series.

By sharing some pieces of art from our art collection we want to attract attention for our fundraising campaign to repair the roof of Shipka’s Community Center. Since the roof is leaking, the unique collection of art and books in our community center is in great danger – now even more – because the winter is coming. If you want to help, click here!

We also started to attend the “Chatter Library”, organised by EVS volunteers in Kazanlak. The goal of this weekly event is to create an open space to learn and to teach languages for free. It is all about the people that come and bring their languages into the group. For now there are people from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic and of course from Bulgaria. It is very helpful for our learning process to meet with like-minded people and improve our Bulgarian together. If you are interested you are welcome to check their facebook page “Casa Luck Collective” or just drop by next monday at 3 pm in the “Народно Читалище Възродена Искра – 2000” (Narodno Chitalishte Vazrodena Iskra – 2000) in Kazanlak.

Author: Lena Rosenberger

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