EVS opening in Shipka, Bulgaria

The OPEN MIND foundation is looking for volunteers for its EVS project

Project name : “Community Building in Shipka”
We have already filled 2 positions. We are currently looking for 2 volunteers for long term (1 year)
Project description
– The project is in its context a project in public benefit, aimed at building upon and developing the knowledge and skills of the local community for building a better way of live.
– The project aims to support the goals of the town of Shipka, namely: transformation of the town into a modern tourist, cultural and historical and permaculture town, improvement of the living conditions and attraction of young people.
– With a clear understanding that the overall level and quality of life depends upon the subjective well being of every individual, we have created the plan for the project activities to resonate with the actual problems of the local community.

Planned activities:
1) Development of cultural tourism (local cultural centre, museum, gallery and library
2) Maintenance of ecological gardens – learning about permaculture
3) Ecotrail – maintenance and development. Lobbying for announcement of protected territory under the Law for protected territories
4) Waste management activities on a town level
5) Working with youngsters
TO APPLY pls send CV to tabasa[@]gmail.com

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